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We invented a non-volatile deflationary crypto-currency and now engage a team of specialists.

The only disadvantage of all existing crypto-currencies is volatility. Not every entrepreneur now can take Bitcoin as payment for goods, even if his business partners take crypto-currency. What if in a month when the time comes to make payments for the product bought with the payment deferment, BTC will disrupt again by a quarter, or even a third? It is dangerous. We invented with method to eliminate this disadvantage. It is not one crypto-currency – it is a whole family of sisters-currencies each of which is tied to its fiat currency or commodity at the commodity-raw material exchange: precious metals or raw materials.

We proceed to develop a template that enables to implement quickly the crypto-currency as for ruble, as for dollar and euro, as for gold with palladium, as for oil or cocoa. We do not think it is reasonable to create crypto-currencies based on stock exchange shares.
The principle of any of our crypto-currencies is its provision with fiat currency. Let's say (for example), we issued billion of dollar-coins (name of the project is not yet invented, we will use the first name that can come to mind) and put them up for sale. Each dollar-coin can not cost less than 1 ruble and we guarantee its redemption back not cheaper than the ruble (after deduction of the interest of the exchange for input and output). Also the system will debit a small percentage as transaction fees. Now, entrepreneurs can be assured that their money can only grow (the details are given in the next paragraph), and the basic properties of the crypto-currency are saved: no restrictions, no government control, taxes remain on the conscience of the entrepreneur, interest for amenities are lower than those of the bank, complete anonymity on the principle of Zerocoin, Darkcoin, Blackcoin and the like.

Now answer the question: “Why is our dollar-coin (or its sisters tugrik-coin, euro-coin, dinar-coin, realocoin, rublecoin, etc) can only grow, but can not become cheaper?” It's simple: when the user buys our crypto-currency for its fiat analog, the fiat is not eliminated. It is placed in the bank (except for a small percentage of the exchange), and there is the “gold reserve” that is the guarantor of our redemption of the crypt back. Nobody has the right to touch the bank. In addition, the bank is constantly growing due to half of the profit from the transaction and exchange transactions. The second half of the profit is distributed between the residents of the team of investors and developers.

Thus, if our billion of dollar-coins initially costs $1000000000, and for each transaction we take relative 10 cents, then after the first transaction every dollar-coin costs already 1000000000 dollars 50 cents and we receive 50 cents more, as well as developers and investors in the project for all. The same is from each actuated trade on the stock exchange and from any profit that the project will bring. For support, we can run lotteries and games.

In case of the mass use the growth of our crypto-currencies overrides inflation growth. In fact, we offer a tool with advantages of fiat currencies and crypto-currencies simultaneously while eliminating its disadvantages of fiat and crypt. Evolution.
Premine - 100%. No mining. Mining is simply not required. The entrepreneur bought the necessary amount, transferred to the business partner, who realized this currency on our exchange back for the same money without the risk of a collapse of its course. And if he does not realize it immediately - he even earns a little.

Disadvantages: it needs to apply lots of energy to it. Exchange is needed immediately in your wallet, there will not be the central site. Exchange will be decentralized as crypto-currency nodes. It is necessary to make the stock exchange on the domain name, but only for speed and convenience, and one always has to be prepared that it can be covered. Also the principle is not clear yet, where the gold reserves of our non-volatile crypto-currencies will be kept and how they can be protected from the world authorities and hackers. There should not be a center, everything that a center has is vulnerable. The decentralized exchange project is developed by guys from Spain: coinffeine.com, also MasterCoin announced about the start of the similar project in March.

Gentlemen, we need high-level professionals - it is clear from the objectives. In this forum, the theme is open “I want to offer my services” - if you want to become a resident of developer team or an investor, just write there or to the personal mail of admin. We have developers in C# and PHP. One of the developers in the 90s graduated the Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Informatics (ICTI) of Federal Security Service of Russia Academy. Several online stores are ready to take our family of crypto-currency with discount to popularize it. It will be beneficial to exchange fiat to our (what shall we call it?) “fiatocoins” (dollarcoins), so on those sites the goods can cost cheaper. As you can see, before the first publication we did not lose time in vain.

We need ideas on how to implement our tasks. There was an idea to use the tools and gateways Ripple Labs - there are interesting solutions and opportunities. Perhaps someone is already developing similar tools - we are ready to join forces. Also the principle of distribution of remuneration to the developers is not detailed yet. The residents of our team will have to work only with the enthusiasm, sometimes even collecting money from the own pocket in the common fund to pay to freelancers. Now we are doing so, though most of us have our businesses and we do not live in misery. We do not recommend to hope to get rich quickly from this project – prior to start it may take several years and a lot of time will be spent.

But the game is worth the candle. Confidence and peace of entrepreneurs which are not afraid of the collapse of the course is a serious deal. For professionals of the business this idea is a good chance. Offer your services, if you feel that you can be useful to us. Feel free to make suggestions, even if the fear that they may look stupid: they can be genious.
Attention! If anyone has heard of similar developments or knows that such crypto-currencies already exist – let us know about it here or offer the news VKontakte in the Russian-speaking group “About crypto-currencies”: vk.com/cryptocoins_pro in your native language - we will translate it.

We announce a competition with the prize fund of 5000 XRP for the best name of the project and also 5000 XRP for the idea of the emblem: send us your suggestions in the Russian-speaking group vk.com/cryptocoins_pro in comments or suggest the news or in this forum in the topic “I want to suggest a name or logo”.

Offer your services for our project in the topic “I want to offer my services or to become part of the team”.